Several benefits of learned optimism describes

When you recognize and replace pessimistic thoughts with positive views, you learn to be more optimistic. It is the opposite of learned helplessness and involves developing positive behaviors.

It’s not hard to understand that being an optimistic person is very beneficial, because if you keep a positive mindset only then you can handle different life issues and create a balance in your life. There are several benefits of learned optimism describes in different researches. An analysis of 83 studies showed that optimism can help with health challenges like cancer, pain, heart disease, and physical symptoms.

It is also significant for mental health, and research has shown that optimism can help in reducing depression. Optimists also find it easy to maintain high motivation. If you are positive that you can achieve your goals, it provides you with the motivation to achieve those goals. For instance, if you want to lose weight, but you think diets won’t work, you might give up soon, whereas, if you are an optimist, you would focus on small changes and get the motivation to keep going.

Researchers have also found that optimists live longer than pessimists. Optimism can also lead to lower stress levels. If you are a positive person, it would be easier to avoid stress and deal with it better. You will be able to bounce back quickly, rather than just being disappointed and give up.

Pessimists are those who generally keep a negative outlook, they believe bad things will happen and it would be their fault. Optimists tend to believe that good things will happen and any setback is temporary and they will overcome it. They don’t give up whenever they face a failure; in fact, they take it as a challenge.

Pessimists tend to view negative times as permanent and they believe they can’t do anything to change it. So when things get tough, they are very likely to give up without a fight.

If things don’t turn out to be the way as expected, optimists usually blame the external forces, whereas the pessimist would blame themselves for the setback.
The benefits of optimism are great, so the question that arises here is, can you learn optimism. Experts suggest that it is possible to learn to be a more positive person, doesn’t matter how pessimistic you are.