Occasional smoking can also cause problems

It is usually considered that not smoking regularly is only a little dangerous for health, but the study had found otherwise. Even if you smoke 5 to 10 cigarettes per month, it can increase the risk of disease and death.

The participants included both daily and nondaily smokers. They found that daily smokers smoked 18 cigarettes a day, 598 per month, where the nondaily smokers smoked around 38 cigarettes a month. Such people are living under a misconception that smoking occasionally is not the same as smoking regularly.

Mental problems like depression and anxiety can not only increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, they are also linked with chronic pain, headaches, digestive issues, vision problems, reduced appetite, and slowed body movements.

By improving one aspect of your health you can improve others as well. If you improve your physical health in any way, you will see improvements in your mental health as well. For example, if you start exercising and keep a health deist, it can improve your mood as well. But, there is also a chance for the benefits to go in another direction. If you are focused on your mental health, you probably would see the physical benefits as a side effect.

For instance, people with a weak immune system and chronic health problems may also face mental health problems. If they address mental health, it would improve their physical well-being and vice versa.

According to Grant Shields, the study author, the research didn’t focus on the reason why therapy is so beneficial for the immune system. But, reviewing the inflammation markers show what the mechanism could be. Inflammation has been linked with different health problems, such as cognitive and mental disorders like dementia and depression. There are different factors that add to the development of depression, but it is also linked with increased inflammatory activation of the immune system that impacts the central nervous system.

He also added that the study has shown that nondaily smokers can also face health complications that the daily smokers face. He says that if your family has a cancer history then even occasional smoking puts you at a higher risk.

Experts also say that if you reduce cigarette use, it can have a positive impact on your health. Based on the new study, the researchers say that people who used to be daily smokers but reduced tobacco usage had lower mortality risks than daily smokers. But, the risk is still there, which supports the argument that there is no safe level of cigarette usage.