Importance of metaphors and their use

Metaphor provides clarity and identifies similarities between ideas usually that are usually hidden. In other words, it is used to refer to or point to one thing by mentioning another.

It can help us describe our lives, find the meaning of our lives, and they are also a source of motivation, gratitude, and encouragement. They can positive or negative, here we are presenting some metaphors that may resonate with your life, but is not necessary. The common metaphors for life include a garden, a battle, a mission, a journey, an adventure, and a building.

If you believe that, relationships can be cultivated like plants or flowers, a garden is an appropriate metaphor for your life. Just like plants, relationships also need regular watering and sunshine. Sometimes they need to be cut off. If you take care of the garden in the best way, the result would be a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers (relationships). It would continue to grow and provide you with oxygen and other benefits.

If we involve in activities that can lift our mood, like spending time with kids, playing with a pet, painting, etc, we won’t only be happy, it will improve our resilience towards stress as well.

Whenever you do something to lift your mood or make yourself happy, you are not only reducing stress for not it will help you cope with stress in the future as well. In a battle, you are always competing and the result is either a win or a war. It can b positive if you think, you have a talent or knowledge that you want to share and it can b negative if you think that you have the truth, and you want others to believe that too. A journey and adventure are common metaphors for life as they tell us that life is about the journey and we often don’t know where we are going.