Good mood allows you to create resources

Stress is one of the most common issues and it is ongoing, it is not like a disease that can be cured. We can reduce or get rid of stress, but it can be developed again in no time. All it needs is a bad event, pressure, or maybe a failure.

Stress comes with different challenges, for example, if you are experiencing mild stress in one area, it can feel quite overwhelming, if you are involved in other stressful activities. Another challenge is to practice stress-relieving activities when you are stressed or exhausted. So in such cases, the best way to cope with stress is to elevate our mood. You will also enjoy other benefits, as explained in the research.

If you are in a good mood, you are more likely to create resources. It has been found in different studies that a good mood allows you to create resources to support social connection, and manages stress. Negative emotions force people to look for only the negative feelings and they miss so much in their lives, whereas a happy person is likely to create personal resources that help him manage stress and improve social connection. Increased resources result in frequent good moods, which lead to a healthy and happy life.

The participants’ moods were measured for a week, and they were given personality tests and questionnaires. Participants with good moods scored higher in areas like coping and resilience, better health, and strong relationships than participants with more negative moods.

Increase happiness is beneficial for emotional health. A study found that positive emotions or feelings can counteract negative feelings and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. But, if you are suffering from these disorders, you must consult your doctor or a therapist.

To sum it up, many studies and research have found that elevated mood allows you to manage stress in a better way, which not only lads to improve mental and physical health, but can result in improved lifestyle as well.