Formal education improves some function

New research tells us that the number of years spent in a school can have an impact on your cognitive function as you age. It also tells us that education can help delay the onset of dementia.

The researchers stated that according to the past researches the number of years a person spends in school is related to their cognitive function during adulthood and it also decreases the risk of dementia. So, based on that, they formed two questions, does formal education is related to cognitive function, and does higher education can play a role in reducing the risk of dementia.

Their findings show that education is correlated with cognitive function across ages, races, genders, and cultural contexts. But they also found that education has only a negligible association with cognitive decline later in life.

They have provided evidence that formal education impacts the level of cognitive performance, but it does not affect the cognitive decline as a person ages. In simple words, a person who spent more years at school would have a higher cognitive capacity when he gets old than a person who spent fewer years. But, both persons will face a cognitive decline at the same speed.

The relationship between education and dementia is probably not because of education’s role in cognitive trajectories, but because of the threshold model of dementia.

They also stated that the methods for reducing the risks of dementia need to be holistic. If the conditions that shape development during the early years can be improved, there is a great chance that the cognitive capacity in early adulthood would be high. The preventive methods should also include improving access to school. By providing educational opportunities in early life, cognitive health can be improved.

This research tells us that education is of extreme importance not only for shaping our personality but for our mental growth as well. Everyone should complete formal education, and it is the responsibility of the governments and institutes to make education easily accessible.

The quality of education should be high too, as the research tells that low-quality education is linked with health issues like diabetes, or heart diseases.