Feelings and frustration build slowly

In life, there come times when we feel like we are going nowhere like we are trapped on a hamster wheel. Getting stuck in a rut is not uncommon and it can happen very often that you would find yourself out of ideas or inspiration. You may be spending more time at work, but are failing to get any constructive things done.

Such feelings are quite frustrating, but it is possible to get out of a rut. You can learn why you are stuck and get enough motivation to get out. You won’t immediately notice that you are stuck. The feelings and frustration build slowly with time. You would follow the same pattern every day and soon it will feel like you are just wasting time, instead of reaching anywhere or getting something done. There are, however, some signs that can tell you if you are stuck. Your daily routine becomes the same to a point you can’t even tell what day it is. Every day feels the same because you follow the same routine.

You try to somehow just kill the time and you feel less excited. Not feeling motivated is another sign. You want to try something new or take some new projects, but you can’t find enough inspiration to do so. If everything seems dull and boring, it’s another sign. It’s a mood disorder and its symptoms are long-lasting. You may experience these symptoms for a long time before realizing that you are suffering from a form of depression. If you are worried, you might have PDD, you should consult your doctor very soon.

When you have recognized that you are stuck, the next step would be to find the source. Though it’s not very difficult to find the source, you should know that not all ruts are the same. You need to find out what’s causing problems in your life before things get worse. You can go to a counselor or talk to a therapist and you can also follow the tips given below.

See how well you are eating and sleeping and if you are spending time with your loved ones. You can also change your routine, try to go out more, find motivation, and find purpose in life.