Covid test in the UK (

Anyone who is showing coronavirus symptoms is eligible to book a test at the to find if they have the virus. You can get a test for yourself if you have the symptoms or for anyone you live with if they have the symptoms. The common coronavirus symptoms are fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, and shortness of breath.

The government of the UK has started a coronavirus testing program that allows you to book a home test or at a regional test site. The test is called an antigen test and it shows if you are currently infected with the virus. The test can be booked online; there are different platforms for the general public and key workers.

Taking a test is your option and you can choose not to, but you are recommended to so. You can be invited for any of the different types of tests i.e. home test, test at a regional site, or a mobile test unit. In the case of a home test, the kits will be provided to you at your home, so you and your family don’t have to leave home to get tested. Initially, the availability of the kits is limited, but more will be available soon.

Mobile access units move around the country to increase access to testing. They test essential workers at sites like care homes, prisons, and police stations. The number of units is increasing day by day.

When you receive the test kit, you will have to register it, so they can send the samples to the lab. Registration can be done online and when you are registering the test kit, you will receive a code to your email or mobile number. You can use this code to verify your details and complete the process. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide information like your name, date of birth, gender, email address, mobile number, NHS number, vehicle registration number, etc.

Once the test is taken, the sample will be examined in the laboratory and you will be informed via email or text about the test result. You will also be guided about the next steps.