Converse uninterruptedly amidst interrupters

For someone to be heard and understood, others need to listen very intently. Being interrupted before you convey what you want others to understand is the worst thing that can happen to anyone during a conversation. It can be your friend, your partner, or a family member who keeps interrupting and by not taking suitable action against it, you are only jeopardizing your relationship with them.

Interruptions take many forms and it isn’t the interrupters’ fault all the time. You need to make sure that while conversing, you are to the point and taking as less time as possible to transfer your thoughts. Some interrupters might feel the urge to interrupt because you are taking a lot of time to convey your thoughts.

Chronic interruption is something else and it needs to be dealt with instantly. The more time you take to address the problem, the harder it gets to get involved in a conversation with a chronic interrupter. How you handle chronic interrupters shows how mature you are. You can handle it politely by asking them to let you finish your point when you are interrupted and you can also take a rough track and show a little harshness so that they understand just how annoying they can be.

Dealing with the problem beforehand is the best possible route to take. You can ask the listeners to listen very carefully to what you have to say because what you are going to say can take multiple dimensions.

If you are presenting in an office meeting and you notice some chronic interrupters, tell them beforehand that there is going to be a Q&A section at the end. You can politely warn them not to disturb you while you are talking in the future. Be patient, be polite, and teach others how they can remedy this problem.