Consider other psychology program choices

If it’s time for you to decide which career you want to pursue, we advise you to consider becoming a therapist. It’s a rewarding career, no doubt, but more importantly, it’s one that allows you to change other peoples’ lives. Some career paths also allow you to become a specialist. A marriage and family therapist works on relationship issues, whereas a substance abuse therapist provides help to drug-addicted people.

If you choose to become a licensed social worker, you will work in a broad community, however, you can choose a specialty as well. You can focus on families, public health, school, or substance abuse. As a rehabilitation therapist, you would do both mental health and physical health work. In most cases, you will be involved with disabled people or people who have suffered an injury and enable them to live every day in a better way.

These are some of the common paths only, there are other paths as well that you can take. If you need help with choosing the right career path, you can use the help of an advisor.

If you have set your goal to become a therapist, the next steps you have to take depend on the specialty you choose. Therapists work in different fields with diverse populations, so make your plan according to where you would like to work. If you want to help children, you should become a clinical psychologist or licensed social worker. But if you would like to work with families, you should become a licensed marriage and family therapist. If you want to help people addicted to drugs, you should get a degree in clinical psychology.

The first possible step in becoming a therapist is to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology. However, even if you have an undergraduate degree, you can be enrolled in graduate training programs. You can also consider sociology, education, and health sciences. While getting an advanced degree is the best option, you can also consider other program choices.