Child described his parent as inspirational

It is usually believed that the relationship between children and imprisoned parents has a negative impact on the children, but the new study tells us otherwise. Recent research from Columbia University tells that kids have a stronger bond with their incarcerated parents and say positive things about them.

The research says that if the parents and children are kept away from each other due to harsh visitation policies, it’s not good for the children. It is not fair to say that the children hate their incarcerated parents and do not want to meet them. In large cases, the kids miss their parents and want to spend more time with them. Just because somebody is imprisoned, doesn’t mean the relationship between children and parents would be negative.

The researcher talked to the children of incarcerated parents and saw that children have more positive things to say about their parents than negative things. They have a positive feeling towards their parents and it was very clear from their talks. One of the researchers said that a child described his parent as inspirational, while others said that they think about their parents more than often. They miss their parents the most when there is an event or if they win an award or they are performing. On such occasions, they wish their parents were with them.

Another researcher, James Dunlea said that the research is somewhat of a continuation of the previous work he did, which focused on how children feel about the imprisoned people. The research showed that all children described incarcerated individuals as having bad moral character. The findings were different from the previous research that shows that kids are optimistic about other peoples. Both studies offer a strong theory about how kids feel about imprisoned parents. The children feel positive about their imprisoned parent and negative about other individuals in jail. So, this shows that the feeling of children towards a person in jail depends on if they have a personal relationship with him.

They found through their study that children are very positive about their parents who are in jail. But, when the children are asked about other people who are in jail for breaking the laws, they show a good deal of negativity. The findings were quite surprising for the researchers.

One of the researchers said that people often say children are better off without their imprisoned parents, but we have found that being away from parents can do more harm to the children than good.